Ready to Play?

Let's keep this simple.

Insert Coins are crypto-powered reward tokens designed by Exergy Games. Mirroring an IRL arcade experience, players can win and spend Insert Coins within all titles developed by Exergy Games. Metal arcade tokens and tickets were so last century— plus, our ticket dispensers never jam. Welcome to our digital arcade, the Insert Coin Arcade. Let's have some fun!

One token to rule them all.

Designed for decades of play.

What is hot today may not be tomorrow, and gaming lifecycles are no different. The Insert Coin Arcade rewards players for engaging with each game in the arcade based on current popularity. But no matter which titles are popular when you dive into the Arcade, these tokens are evergreen.

One goal of Exergy Games is to release five games in ten years, all sharing an interconnected narrative universe whose story starts with Rocket Dogs. Upon a game's launch, the Insert Coin Arcade will add the title into its roster, so players can seamlessly jump between games and the worlds therein— all while still using and obtaining the same token.

Bold strategy, Cotton.

For Gamers, By Gamers

Insert Coins will primarily be won through gameplay, maximizing player rewards. Players can win Insert Coins daily by playing in The Arcade.

Solana Network

Insert Coins are built atop the Solana network. It's simple, straightforward, and easy to get started with. Grab yourself a Phantom Wallet and get ready to hit start.

Grand Opening

We will announce the Grand Opening of the Insert Coin Arcade across all social channels, on this website, and through the Exergy Games Discord.

Furthermore, an Airdrop of Insert Coins will occur to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Insert Coin Arcade. Don't miss out!