Are you ready to play?

Let's keep this simple.

Insert Coin is a cryptocurrency designed by Exergy Games. It is a GameFi token earned and used within multiple games that Exergy Games designs and produces. Eventually, Insert Coin will extend into other games, properties, and experiences from other developers or the community through the Ecosystem Grant Program.

One token to rule them all.

Fixed supply. Designed for the long term.

Our team is different. We've shipped games before. That experience led us to a central truth that needs to be acknowledged in the industry: Every game in existence has a demand curve with ebb and flow. What is hot today, may not be tomorrow. Insert Coin's single token model helps distribute popularity wane over multiple games for a much longer term.

Exergy Games' goal is to release 5 games within 10 years, starting with Rocket Dogs, all powered by Insert Coin. Instead of splitting value among multiple tokens per game like current industry standards, Insert Coin is designed to achieve compounded utilization from multiple player bases to increase use of its single token within an ever-expanding collection of games and experiences.

Bold strategy, Cotton.

Never Sold

Insert Coin will not be IDO'd and will never be sold to investors. It will primarily be earned through gameplay, maximizing its distribution to players. This is the way.

To kickstart the ecosystem, the public can earn Insert Coins through our upcoming Airdrops.

Another... Solana Summer

Like all Exergy Games in active development, Insert Coin will launch on the Solana network because of how easy, quick, and inexpensive it is to use. So, grab yourself a Phantom Wallet and get ready to Insert Coins to Unlock Fun.

Launching Summer 2022

The official token launch date will be announced on this website, all social channels, and through the Exergy Games Discord once the launch date has been set.