Airdrop Incoming

Coming Soon

To celebrate the Grand Opening of the Insert Coin Arcade, get ready for an Insert Coin Airdrop! The first one million users that sign up for an Exergy Games account in advance of the Arcade's Grand Opening can qualify to receive 1,000 free Insert Coins.

Qualification ‐ Players must be age 13+, verify their email address, and set up two-factor authentication (2FA) in order to qualify for this Airdrop of free Insert Coins.

Once qualified, players can claim all 1,000 Insert Coins on the Exergy Games website, using their Exergy Games account, upon the Grand Opening. We will release more detailed instructions for claiming your Insert Coins from this Airdrop closer to the Grand Opening.

Claiming Insert Coins ‐ To claim Insert Coins from this Airdrop, players must sign up for an Exergy Games account and secure a self-hosted Solana wallet. While most Solana wallets will work, we recommend the Phantom wallet for players new to the Solana blockchain.

Getting Started ‐ Want to load up on Insert Coins early? Hop into the Arcade and start playing!

Any Exergy Games accounts and associated users suspected of creating multiple accounts to claim multiple instances of the Airdrop will have their accounts banned and forfeit any rights to claim Insert Coins from this Airdrop. Exergy Games reserves all rights to determine, at its sole discretion, how or if a user may have created or attempted to create multiple Exergy Games accounts.