Airdrop Incoming

Summer 2022

To help kickstart the Insert Coin community and ecosystem, 2 different Airdrops of Insert Coins will occur upon the token's launch. The total number of Insert Coins airdropped will be dependent on the total number of users who create Exergy Games accounts during this prelaunch phase, and the total number of Rocket Dogs Genesis Set NFTs minted (see below.) A more detailed breakdown of the overall Insert Coin token allocations can be found on the Token Design page.

Any user claiming Insert Coins from either Airdrop will need both an Exergy Games account and their own self hosted Solana wallet. While most Solana wallets will work, a Phantom wallet is recommended.

Detailed instructions for claiming any airdropped Insert Coins will be released closer to the token launch date. This is currently estimated to be Summer 2022. The official token launch date will be announced on this website, all social channels, and through the Exergy Games Discord once the launch date has been set.

Public Airdrop

The first 1 million users that sign up for an Exergy Games account prior to the token launch will receive 1,000 free Insert Coins. Users must be aged 13+, verify their email address and setup two factor authentication (2FA) to qualify for these free Insert Coins. Once qualified, users can claim all 1,000 Insert Coins on this website on the token launch day, they will not be subject to an unlock schedule.

Rocket Dogs Genesis Set Gameplay Airdrop

Players wanting to earn a significant amount of Insert Coins can participate in the Gameplay Airdrop. Every Genesis Set Dog NFT and Rocket NFT can earn an Insert Coin airdrop allocation by completing its first Race or Scavenge within 1 year from the Mint date. Any Genesis Set Dog or Rocket NFT that does not complete at least one Race or Scavenge within 1 year from the Mint date will not be eligible to claim any Insert Coins through this Gameplay Airdrop.

Gameplay Airdrop allocation rates are based on the rarity of the Genesis Set Dog or Rocket NFT that completes its gameplay requirement:

Rarity Airdrop Amount Daily Unlock
Common 27,375 75
Uncommon 32,850 90
Rare 38,325 105
Super Rare 43,800 120
Ultra Rare 49,275 135
Cosmic Rare 54,750 150

All Insert Coins airdropped this way are subject to a 1-year unlocking schedule, where 1/365th of the airdropped allocation per NFT is unlocked daily, starting from the Mint date. This works out to 75 to 150 Insert Coins unlocked for claiming per day per NFT, depending on rarity. Once unlocked, NFT owners can claim the unlocked Insert Coins on this website at any time. Unlocked Insert Coins can also remain unclaimed if the current owner chooses not to claim them, allowing future owners of the NFT to claim any unlocked and unclaimed Insert Coins remaining.

Insert Coins airdropped this way are designed to allow players to use these Insert Coins to customize their Dog and Rocket NFTs to best suit their racing strategies, and to help kickstart the Rocket Dogs in-game economy. The unlocking schedule is designed to prevent flooding the in-game economy with tokens on release day and allow the in-game economy to build over time. See the Ecosystem page for more details on how Rocket Dogs players can spend these Insert Coins in-game.

Once earned, these airdropped Insert Coins will be allocated to the Dog NFT or Rocket NFT, not the user who completed the gameplay requirements. Therefore, if the owner sells a Genesis Set Dog or Rocket NFT prior to any earned Insert Coins unlocking, the new owner will be able to claim all remaining Insert Coins allocated to the NFT that haven't been unlocked yet. This will allow the new owner to claim, and then spend, the Insert Coins as they see fit within the game's economy.