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Rocket Dogs is a play-to-own NFT game featuring fierce races, scavenging quests, spectacular moons, and digital collectible Dogs, Rockets, and in-game Items. Players will skillfully determine their race strategy to create the ultimate Rocket Dog, capable of racing across the galaxy in pursuit of dazzling loot, ultimate glory, and legendary head scratches.

Rocket Dogs and its NFTs are built on the Solana blockchain. The game's primary goal is to win races against other Dogs. Races take place on a wide variety of exotic Planets and Moons throughout space. From the futuristic city streets of Quantum Prime to the blue hued nightscape of Proxima Twilight, the diversity of the game's Moons and their racecourses is boundless.

Rocket Dogs is like Magic: The Gathering or Blizzard's Hearthstone. A player will choose a Dog, a Rocket, equip some Gear, and build a Strategy Deck of Items. Once the race starts, the computer controls the Dog's speed and direction around the racecourse, while players actively deploy offensive Attacks, defensive Shields, load Rocket Fuel for Boosting, or consume Treats to regain Energy in real-time. The game is web-based, equally accessible by players around the world with various internet connection speeds.

Earn Insert Coins

Rocket Dogs players can earn Insert Coins daily in several ways. The earning activities and their approximate distribution of daily token rewards is as follows:

Racing ~70%

Earned by players who race their Rocket Dogs. Earnings are based on place as a percent of the daily per race prize pool. For example, if the Daily Token Reward Rate per race prize pool is 2,186 Insert Coins, each race will award the following:

Place Pool Percentage Insert Coins
1 40% 874
2 30% 656
3 15% 328
4 10% 219
5 5% 109

The daily per race prize pool rate is subject to Weekly Reward Rate Readjustments.

Scavenging ~25%

Earned by players who send their Dogs and Rockets on daily Scavenging quests in search of Consumable NFTs and Cosmic Rare NFTs. Insert Coins are earned for each Scavenge completed. On average, a Scavenge takes 14 - 24hrs to complete. While a Dog and Rocket are Scavenging, it will not be able to Race.

The amount of Insert Coins earned for each completed Scavenge is equal to the Daily Token Reward Rate for Scavenging when the user completes their Scavenge. The daily token reward rate for Scavenging is subject to Weekly Reward Rate Readjustments.

Season Leaderboard Prizes ~5%

Earned by the Top 1,000 players based on their overall leaderboard ranking at the end of each 91-day racing Season. Rankings reset at the start of each Season. The projected Rocket Dogs Season 1 Prize Pool breakdown is shown below:

Season Rankings Average Prize Amount Per Rank Tier
1st 53,291,096
2nd 42,632,877
3rd 35,527,397
4th 17,763,699
5th 14,210,959
6th 10,658,219
7th 7,105,479
8th 3,552,740
9th 2,664,555
10th 1,776,370
11th - 25th 1,421,096
26th - 50th 1,065,822
51st - 100th 710,548
101st - 200th 355,274
201st - 500th 97,700
501st - 1000th 35,527
Insert Coin Prize Pool 355,273,973
Spend Insert Coins

Rocket Dogs players can spend their Insert Coins in fun, exciting, and strategic ways.

Dog Leveling

Dogs have an RPG-like leveling system so players can level up their Dog's attributes to complement their desired race strategies. Want to build the most agile Husky in the cosmos? Add some Agility. Want to build the fastest Pomeranian in the solar system? Add some Speed.

All Dogs start at Level 0 with their breed's base stats. After their first Race or Scavenge, they'll level up to Level 1 for free and gain 1 attribute point that can be added to any of their base stats.

Each Dog can reach an initial max Level of 25, gaining 1 attribute point at each new level. At Level 25, a Dog will have 25 more attribute points in total than a Level 0, fully customized by the player.

Levels 2 - 25 are achieved by spending Insert Coins to unlock each successive level. The amount of Insert Coins required to level up will be fluid based on in-game economic conditions. Full details will be released at a later date.

Dogs - Special Skills

Each Dog breed has a unique special Skill. From the Shiba Inu's Barrel Roll to the Greyhound's Beyond Redline, all unique Skills ensure each Dog has a unique racing style.

Beyond Redline: The Greyhound can expend Energy for a massive temporary Speed and Acceleration buff.

Each Dog has 2 additional Skill slots that start out empty. Players can purchase additional Skills from the global Skill pool with Insert Coins to further customize their Dog's Skills to fit their desired race strategy.

Dogs - Hearts & Food

Every Dog starts out with 5 Hearts. Each time it races, it uses 1 Heart. After racing 5 times in a row, a Dog will have 0 Hearts. Hearts automatically regenerate daily (0 to full Hearts in 24hrs.)

If players want to race their Dog more than 5 times per day, they have 2 options:

When a player buys new Hearts for their Dog, the new Hearts become permanently attached to that Dog's NFT. If a player buys 5 additional Hearts for a Dog, it will now have 10 Hearts. This Dog will still use 1 Heart per race, but they'll be able to race 10 times in a row before they run out of Hearts in a 24hr period.

Rocket Leveling

While a Rocket is Boosting, it gains Heat. All Rockets gain Heat at different rates. Once a Rocket gains more than 100% Heat, it has a chance of overheating and blowing up - rendering it unusable for the rest of the race.

While a Rocket is not Boosting, it dissipates Heat. All Rockets dissipate Heat at the same base rate at Level 0. Rockets can be leveled from Level 0 to Level 25. As a Rocket Levels up, it dissipates Heat at a faster rate, allowing players to Boost more often during a race.

After a Rocket's first Race or Scavenge, it'll level up to Level 1 for free. Levels 2 - 25 are achieved by spending Insert Coins to unlock each successive level.

Future Earn & Spend Flywheels

The Rocket Dogs team plans to add additional fun and engaging ways to spend Insert Coins in the future as the game progresses.

Enforcers is a play-to-own NFT game featuring elite squadron battles and tactical missions spread across a vast array of galaxies throughout the universe. Enforcers are trained to be the best fighters in the universe, equally adept in head-to-head and squadron-based battlefield combat. Players will assemble a squadron of Enforcers to help defend the universe from another Aeonstorm, the universal war that almost led to the destruction of all intelligent life in the cosmos.

Enforcers are fully customizable NFT characters from one of the 10 advanced alien civilizations that are members of the Supreme Alliance of Interstellar Nations (SAIN.) SAIN was formed in the aftermath of the First Aeonstorm by the victorious Toba and their allies the Skatari in hopes that no future generation would have to suffer the atrocities of another Aeonstorm.

The game's primary goal is to win combat matches against opposing squadrons. Outside of combat, players can send their Enforcers on tactical missions to level up their unique skills, gather resources, find loot, and train to become the top squadron among SAIN.

Target Game Launch: Late 2023

Earn & Spend Insert Coins

Details on the ways players can earn and spend Insert Coins in Enforcers will be revealed once the game is closer to launch.

Future Games & Experiences

As the Insert Coin ecosystem grows, all new games and experiences that allow players to use, spend, earn, and win Insert Coins will be detailed here.